release note

October, 2020

Dear sellers,

We would like to inform you that our current version of API system ( is going to out of service in almost a year. For new user, please visit to JD CENTRAL New Open Platform ( directly. For existing users, please see to following link for user migration instruction.


January 08, 2020

       Released new version of Product Part , Promotion Part  and  Coupon Part APIs to increase the efficiency and reduce the complex of integration, makes the development easier.

January 06, 2020

Released a new Logistics API:

December 24, 2019

Added an order API:

November 05, 2019

Added a Promotion API:

August 20, 2019

Added two address APIs:

December 28, 2018

Removed  jingdong.PopAdminExport.orderDelivery  at December 28th, pls change to new api  jingdong.PopAdminExport.orderDeliveryNew  asap

December 20, 2018

Added new api that can print barcode . pls refer to  API to print barcode